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Tool steels

F : steels for coldwork
M : steels for molds
C : steels for hotwork
R : highspeedsteels
F 45NCD17  1.2767
F 60NCDV11 1.2743
F 60WCS20 1.2550 S1
F 90MCV8 1.2842 02
F X100CrMoV12 1.2363
F X160CrMoV12 1.2379 D2
FM X200Cr12 1.2080 D3
R HS 6-5-2 1.3343 M2
C 32CrMo 12-28 1.2365 H10
C 55NiCrMoV7 1.2714 6F3
CM X38CrMoV5 1.2343 H11
C X40CrMoV5 1.2344 H13
M 40CrMnMo8 1.2311 P20
M 40NiCrMo16 1.2766
M X60CrMo14 1.2319
M X100CrMo17 1.4125

The equivalent specification are for infomation only.

This list is not restrictive (Other grades on application).

Complete production or Hirework.

All our steels and alloys are ordered under the lattest norms (AFNOR, ASTM, DIN, NFEN, etc …).